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when I was in 7th grade we did a project in home ec class where we were had to make a budget for a hypothetical situation. we were assigned the number of kids & amount of money we made. I budgeted based on my top priorities & thought I was really clever. i ended up getting in trouble & failing the report because i rationed no food for my kids. to save money. so that I could drive a Lamborghini.

& yet to this day my mom asks me to reconsider my decision to never have kids because I “would make such a great mother”

babygirlcryfest: In regards to the photoset you reblogged from MEEE - I feel you 100% #shambles <3

it’s like… how many times have I put on an outfit that was JUST LIKE one of those but instead of looking “casual” & “relaxed” i looked like a middle aged closeted lesbian with three kids in the 90s.

it’s frustrating, man.